Faller AG has been your reliable partner since 1922. Discover more about our long and rich history.


At the beginning of the last century, Josef Faller senior takes over a wholesale business for gardening accessories in St. Gallen founded at the end of the 19th Century. The business records go back as far as 1894. In 1925, the sole proprietorship of ‘Josef Faller Korbwaren’ (wickerwork) is entered into the commercial register. Artificial plants are made from wax during the first few years of the business.


In the 1930s it becomes possible to start importing basketwork, mainly from Poland and Romania. In 1936, the federal authorities approach the company and request that it establish its own basketwork production in Switzerland. Subsequently, a production plant for basketwork and wicker furniture is put into operation in Sachseln, Oberwalden from 1938. At peak times, up to 100 employees and homeworkers work in the production plant. At the same time, the company is able to move into its own commercial property in St. Gallen.


The second generation takes over the family business. In 1958, Josef Faller junior takes over the business from his father and continuously expands it. Starting in 1971, the course is set for a classic floristry wholesale business.


In the autumn of 1980, the first container with basketwork from the Far East arrives. The import volume grows continuously. In the same year, it is possible to finish the construction of the company’s own warehouse with space for up to 1800 pallets. From 1995, the company is registered as a stock company.


The third generation takes over the family business. The company grows to 28 employees owing to the acquisition of two competitors. The four cash and carry branches operated at peak times are disposed of as part of the realignment in 2011. The branch is subject to huge changes which Faller AG is unable to avoid either.


The company begins to work closely with Schlittler & Co. AG in Seewen. Faller concentrates on selling basic products for specialist florists. At the same time, brands such as CorMulder, WaxLyrical and Portmerion are sold exclusively in Switzerland.